I Saw The TV Glow on a Saturday Night

I Saw The TV Glow

Hard to pick up the pieces, yet eye-opening. Jane Schoenbrun’s new film is mind-expanding.

I was anticipating to watch this film Since it was announced for the Toronto Film Festival. Unfortunately, I had to wait until recently to see. Because I’m just a regular dude writing about movies as a hobby. I previously enjoyed the feverish claustrophobic nightmare We’re All Going to the World’s Fair, so I couldn’t wait to experience Jane Schoenbrun’s new film. 

Ultimately, it felt like a gift. It was the gift of being invested in something so alluring and quiverish in a dark room on a Saturday night. Coincidentally, at the same time, The Pink Opaque was on TV. The sense of nostalgia started with the TV show footage. It was almost like myself at that age watching TV. Just an awkward kid finding comfort in a similar glowing tube. 

A delirium, watching the life of someone like me in this Twin Peaks dark hallucination. Upon returning to reality I realized this was a film about opening up. To let go and be who you are. Jane is talking about coming out as a trans woman, and in some instances, there are subtle hints about it. Nevertheless, the beauty of a good movie, or any art form, is still exhilarating to anyone who needs to open up to the world. 

It’s an experience.

Additionally to the trans experience metaphor, every scene has a gorgeous display of colors in a nostalgic view of suburban life in the past decades.

And this was my experience watching this film. It was cathartic, haunting, exhilarating. Not only did the glowing shades of purple and pink soak me into that world and the TV series within the world, but Justice Smith was also my avatar on screen. His acting was absorbing, even with just a few words. More than a film, it was a legit experience. One that would’ve been transformative years ago before I decided to give it all up for a good ending. 

Understandably, this film is hard to get. In this NPR interview, Jane Schoenbrun speaks about her love and inspiration in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the trans metaphor, and even calls from Mattel. She is a brilliant filmmaker who’s just getting started. And deserves to be admired this Pride Month. 

So, don’t miss this one. Let the screen glow and pull you in. 

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