Small Films 18: The Moshumentary

The Moshumentary

A Weekly Short Film Review

Some content creators have what it takes to film their own films. Stanley Sievers, aka Mosh Retirement Guy, is the new filmmaker we are featuring in this week’s Small Films. The Moshumentary is a mockumentary about a guy going on “mosh retirement” for the reunion of his favorite band.

There are plenty of inside jokes and references for people who’ve been involved and know about the hardcore scene. Even those without any knowledge of that world will laugh out loud. Throughout the film, Stanley Sievers delivers jokes with great physical comedy, and his delivery is spot on. The short film features several cameo appearances from the hardcore and metal community, including Akil Godsey (End It), Chad Green (Frozen Soul), and Gwarsenio Hall (his Two Minutes to Late Night YouTube channel is highly recommended).

Stanley Sievers is a musician, actor, filmmaker, and writer. He’s worked with some brands, including Universal Pictures, Sony Recordings, Century Media Records, and Riot Fest. He played in a band called Dead Icons. His writing credits include several TV Pilots, including Yew Boys, which stars Mike Aviles (The Flight Attendant), and ER Fightmaster (Grey’s Anatomy).

In addition to his TikTok content, he’s also done content for Funny or Die, Chicago Film Festival, and LA Film Festival. He is a multi-faceted talent who’s done many things for the comedy and hardcore punk community. With this new 21-minute mockumentary, he’s just getting started.

You can watch The Moshumentary right here below.

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