Small Films 14: Nimic


A Weekly Short Film Review

With the recent announcement of the new Yorgos Lanthimos film coming as soon as June 21st, 2024, let’s watch one of his short films. 2019s Nimic follows a professional cellist having an unexpected encounter on a subway that will impact his life. Unsurprisingly, you can expect something as weird as any other Lanthimos work. He often flirts with horror, and this short is no exception. 

The acclaimed and enigmatic Greek director has taken the world of cinema by storm with his eccentric and often erratic works for the past 20 or something years. He pushes the boundaries of mainstream cinema with his most recent film, Poor Things. The atypical blend of comedy, drama, and sci-fi won several Academy Awards, including Best Actress for Emma Stone’s extraordinary performance. 

Nimic plays with the idea of the doppelganger and questions our place in the world. The director had no time to do any silly dances or other quirks. It’s a 12-minute film that goes straight to the point with the same existential themes.

Enjoy the full film on Mubi

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