The Creator – Movie Review

The Creator

Is the new original sci-fi movie worth the ticket price?

Many of us have waited years for an experience at movies that aren’t based on the same old existing properties like Star Wars, Marvel, DC, or any attempt to revive or remake an old franchise. Everything in the Cinemaplex looks like just another franchise film manufactured in an assembly line. It’s almost like chatgpt came up with the script or even made it. Thankfully, there is something epic, eye-catching, and original in movie theaters. Gareth Edwards, the director of the best Disney Star Wars film, delivers the refreshing flick we’ve all been waiting for. Is it good, though?

The Creator is a futuristic action sci-fi set in a world where AI and humans are at war. John David Washington (Tenet, BlacKKKansman) is an ex-special forces agent grieving the loss of his wife and hired to kill the Creator. Guess what, the United States is the evil nation in this movie. They are preventing The Creator’s secret weapon from having the power to end the war. Though, let’s say they also want to save humanity. Yeah, right?

While watching the film, I was appreciating how insurgent it was. To make the US Army more evil, the army’s colonel (played by Allison Janney) is a relentless bitch with a Karen haircut, blurring the line between social commentary and absurdist satire. Seems like Gareth Edwards was pissed off at society when he wrote the story.

It turns out the movie has its kid to be protected. It’s the same with Groku, young Princess Leia, Ellie (though The Last of Us is based on a video game released before the two Star Wars series), and any other recent series or movies I might have missed. As it turns out, this movie’s plot isn’t so original.

However, what this film doesn’t lack is its visuals. It is one of the better-looking movies of the year. Cinematographers Greig Fraser (Dune, Rogue One) and Oren Soffer do a terrific job photographing this world. As stated already by many, this is essentially a Vietnam War movie. Something like Gareth Edwards seems to be fixated because, let’s be honest, Rogue One is Vietnam in the Star Wars universe. It is war in a fantastic world with cool-looking robots, cars, and ships that still look realistic enough to be 2060s in our reality.

Do you know what’s cool about these franchise movies? The Creator nails the look, way better than most of them out there! Thus, the question arises, where do the $200 and 300 million dollars go? For example, the new Indiana Jones movie cost $300, but still, its CGI looks horrendous. No wonder why the film industry was on strike.

Is The Creator a good movie? Yes, it is. It’s not super groundbreaking and it’s not the most original, but it’s still a pretty cool movie to watch in theaters. If word of mouth keeps spreading the word that this is a good action sci-fi inspired by Vietnam War films, maybe we’ll get the original mold-breaking masterpiece we’re waiting for.

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