Stormy: Deeper than a Scandal


Peacock’s Stormy Daniels documentary is way deeper than it seems. Here’s my take.

To start, Stormy is not necessarily a groundbreaking documentary. It’s just what it is. An average documentary that went directly to Peacock about the life of a pornstar. Even though the main topic is Trump’s (or, as she referred to him, the orange goblin) sex scandal, it is about her life. Expectedly by filmmaker Sarah Gibson or not, this turned out to be about the life of a sex worker in our post-Trump society. And that’s where our mission to watch and share it has more weight than any technical aspect of the film. 

Stephanie A. Gregory Clifford, aka Stormy Daniels’ life, hasn’t been all fame and glamour. She got a traumatic childhood, followed by all the negatives and social isolation that come with working in the sex industry as porn actress and feature dancer. The former President Trump incident was just another person messing with her. Higher profile, but it was only another of many issues in her life. She certainly didn’t expect this creepy reality show star to become the world’s most powerful man a few years later. 

How it made me feel.

Stormy is from Apatow Productions. Distributed on streaming by Peacock.

In addition to the fact that some people can’t catch a break, the most alarming and depressing aspect of all the chronicled events is how society reacts to scandals. Stormy Daniels compares herself to how, in 2018, she was receiving the usual insults a sex worker or adult entertainer receives, and nowadays, she receives death threats and even attacks on her horses. How much can you hate a person for attacking an innocent and inoffensive animal? It is a legitimate concern that we have come to this. 

This documentary reminded me that the country is divided. That MAGA has become a cult of lunatics that violently tried to overthrow the government and overturn the elections. As I write this review, the Baltimore Key Bridge collapsed, and Republicans blamed it on DEI initiatives. This is the country we’re living in, one where anything that suggests any progress in human relations, diversity, or tolerance is mockingly referred to as “woke.” An incorrectly used and appropriated word to avoid racial slurs or any sexist or homophobic remarks. However, many people are not doing a good job hiding their bigotries.  

Why I’m sharing my thoughts.

Writing about this movie and my reactions is part of my mission. Though there’s a lot to learn about Stormy Daniels’ life, I suggest everyone watch it for the larger scale of things. We need to share how we feel and take action. Do not be silent. Share this kind of content and contribute to making our world a better place in any way you can. This goes beyond politics; we all have the right to feel accepted and safe. No matter our gender, race, sexual identity, and line of work. Yes, I’m talking about Stormy’s line of work. Sex work is real work. 

To finish up with the social stigma surrounding porn actresses. Stop being a hypocrite and writing shit about pornstars with the same hand you used to jerk off…asshole. 

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