Small Films 07: Wanted Man

Wanted Man

A Weekly Short Film Review

The Small Films are back with a short about pro wrestling. Wanted Man is directed by Maggie Levin and written by Ryan Nemeth. 

Ryan Nemeth introduces his brother, Ex-WWE Dolph Ziggler, as Nic Nemeth in this 3-minute short about his new persona fighting zombies. It is a cinematic video with some John Carpenter vibes, making Nemeth look like a hotter version of Roddy Piper’s John Nada.  

Maggie Levin has directed My Valentine for Hulu’s anthology series Into the Dark and the V/H/S 99 segment Shredding. Both stylish and rock-n-roll-influenced works are worth watching. She does pretty cool stuff. 

Her collaborations with Ryan Nemeth are no exception. The award-winning short, Heel, is a compelling film about addiction and sexual assault in pro wrestling. A recommended watch if you liked The Iron Claw recently. 

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