Music to Write About Movies Vol. 1

Music to Write About Movies Vol. 1

Music from movies and life outside the couch.

One of the most important aspects of a movie is the soundtrack. A scene or sequence can be made better or worse by music. Another reason for caring so much about the soundtrack is plain and simple, I love music. When I’m not on my sofa or at the movie theater, I’m at a live music show or driving around while blasting some jams to keep my mind occupied.

We are happy to introduce a new segment to Small Reviews. Welcome to our Playlists. Perhaps, “Small Playlists”? I don’t know. I have enjoyed curating this selection of songs I’ve heard in a movie, listened to live, or would love to share.

So, sit back and enjoy this playlist. Support, share, and let me know what you liked and what kind of music you’d like to hear in future playlists.

Playlist Highlights

Shannon & The Clams

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A favorite at the Small Reviews household, Shannon & The Clams is a garage punk band from Oakland, CA. They’ve been blending elements of doo-woop, classic R&B, garage rock, and more since 2007. Each album shows a level of both musical and personal maturity in the band. However, The Moon Is In The Wrong Place is something special. The band’s determination to keep making music despite tragedy proved that Shannon Shaw is a strong musician. And the music she and the rest of the band make will be as releasing, emotional, and fun as always.

Gouge Away

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Gouge Away is a hardcore punk band from Fort Lauderlade, FL. You’re right. They are named after a Pixies song. And they’re not afraid to show these indie rock influences. In their most recent album, Deep Sage, they got pissed off hardcore punk, post-hardcore, and even Pixies-inspired slower songs, and it’s all freaking awesome.

Fucked Up

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Toronto’s hardcore punk band Fucked Up, is another one of my favorite bands. They have an immense discography of full albums and EPs that deserve their own playlist. Their new single, Another Day, came with a music video summarizing the history of cannabis and the racially motivated “War on Drugs” from the past century. It’s all amazing, it’s fucking awesome!

Amyl And The Sniffers

© 2024 all rights reserved

Amyl And The Sniffers is a punk rock band from Melbourne, Australia. They took over the punk and rock n roll world with the release of Comfort to Me in 2021. Now the wait for new music is over. Their single U Should Not Be Doing That is out for all of us to keep singing along and dancing to their blend of Australian pub rock and punk rock.

Dead Crow

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At this point, I wonder what’s in the Australian water. Dead Crow is a hard rock band from New South Wales that should also take over the rock. With AC/DC on their rock DNA, they mix it up with energetic hardcore punk that will keep you rocking.  

Poison Ruïn

© 2024 Relapse Records. all rights reserved

Finishing the list of this punk-concentrated highlights list, it’s Poison Ruïn. This Philadelphia punk band mixes medieval imagery with modern punk rock. If there’s a perfect band to play as background while watching Game of Thrones, this is it right here. Don’t let their imagery and style fool you. The lyrical themes are as contemporary and incendiary as you might expect.  

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