20 Days In Mariupol: Where to Watch

20 Days in Marupol

Where to watch the must-see “Best Documentary” Academy Award Nominee.  

This weekend, we are celebrating the filmmaking and the end of this year’s award season with the Academy Awards. An exciting year to commemorate such a great year for movies as 2023. Unfortunately, not everything in this world was great, and there’s one documentary putting one of the worst things happening on record. That is 20 Days In Mariupol, the collaboration between PBS FRONTLINE and The Associated Press, which was nominated for the best documentary at the Academy Awards and is the best documentary winner at BAFTA.

Here’s what I want to say in my Letterboxd review:

Putin can say these images are false (“fake news” sounds familiar, right?) all he wants, but the war crimes are well documented. This devastating documentary chronicles the first 20 days of the Russian invasion at Mariupol, Ukraine, as Ukranian journalists are trapped in the occupied city. We witness all the atrocities as the narrator explains what’s happening and questions himself about what he’ll tell his daughters as they are born in a world at war. 

I’ve watched some of the most fucked up movies ever made. However, these images destroyed me to the point of tears. There is no excuse for the acts of savagery taking place in this world. We failed miserably as humanity, and here’s the proof. 

It is pertinent to state the facts as it is. Nobody needs to be at war, and these are horrible crimes committed against innocent people. The topics discussed on this site are about human rights through the prism of cinema and pop culture. Therefore, it’s our mission to provide any conscious content to help make the world a better place. 

Hence, our compromise is to share that 20 Days in Maripoul can be watched on the PBS website. 

Please share this link to see this documentary. And let’s root for it to win the Oscar so that it gets the exposure it deserves. Peace! 

Update 3/11/24:

They won the Academy Award for Best Documentary! Watch the acceptance speech below. Courtesy of ABC’s YouTube page.


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